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Friday, 7 July 2017

Are you there?

I am in the dark
I don't know why.
Is it just night or an eclipse?
I am in the dark.

I am shouting,
And asking for help,
To take me out of this mess,
But you are just watching me.

I am worried, I am pained,
I am hopeless and totally confused.
I have a baby in hands,
He is eager to see this world.

I am calling out for you,
Hold my hand and take me up,
From the dark, but you are not listening,
Did we never love?

I am just asking for help,
But you are closing all the doors,
Not bothered to look back,
Not even at your baby?

You are not listening,
Please save us,
Let us live, take us out of the dark,
Don't push us away.

Did we never love?
What was my mistake?
Come back for the child's sake,
End this darkness for me.

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